Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sons of the Dessert Wine

This is another illustration done for Hi-Fi Choice magazine, I tried to make the two guys on the right look a little like Laurel and Hardy out of consideration for the Masonic theme. I think this one was about a wine tasting society that would enjoy fine music with their fine drink. The column I was illustrating in the mag tended to take some real audiophile story or fact and then expand upon it. Not all of the Hi-Fi work was fun to do, having to draw highly uninteresting home stereo kit in most (if not all) of them was usually the worst part. Every now and then I'd have some fun with the rest of the content, this was one of them. Not sure about the smiling bloke on the floor though, he doesn't look quite right, perspective's a bit collywompus. At least it looks like he's having some fun.


Dave Shelton said...

"Collywompus" - what a splendid word. Does it really exist? If not I suggest we make a concerted effort to spread its use until the OED is forced to let it in.

Faz Choudhury said...

I don't think it's in the dictionary but I understand it might be of northern origin. I've heard it used in reference to somebody being cross-eyed which is where I picked it up from. I just like saying it.

You have the honour of being the first person to comment on the blog apart from spammers, thank you. Mind you, only yourself, Paul and possibly Roger know of it's existence.

sathish said...

I did not notice the two legs under the table during my first visit!..

and another interesting thing I noticed is that everyone seem to wearing different socks and shoes in their feet.. no two feet match!

Faz Choudhury said...

That's probably more a matter of some poor drawing to be honest. Oh dear. The guy under the table has different sized feet which was definitely unintentional. Oops.