Thursday, March 16, 2006

ICA Wallcomic

I've just added a comic strip to my site, it was part of a large project for the ICA that many cartoonists were involved with. Click here to take a look.


Dave Shelton said...

I'd forgotten how good your piece for this was. Impeccable comic timing.

You know the web version is still online? It's at:

I was pointing some American geezer at it about a month ago prior to his giving some kind of presentation or lecture or some such on the subject of "gallery comics".

Faz Choudhury said...

Thank you, you're nice, I like you.

I can't say I know what I think about it now after checking all the links worked and looking at every panel numerous times it like saying the same word over and over again until it becomes meaningless. I'm glad I tried something slightly different in style to what I might usually do and I remember the plan was to do something simple and pure in the vein of Lewis Trondheim. Which was probably more to do with making sure it'd get finished on time than anything else.

There's a link to the web version in the blurb just before the strip begins, not that you ought to have read my painstaking and carefully written introduction with an intense scrutiny and passion for knowledge.