Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sybil - Part 4

Here's the final version of the illustration, I'm reasonably pleased with how the horse came out as horses can be difficult to get right, they're quite tricksy things to draw. Sybil's face has been softened and made more feminine compared to the inked version posted previously, the client wanted her to look feminine and determined and the previous drawings didn't exactly show that, the scene was also meant to have a "sense of urgency" and I hope I pulled it off for the final artwork.

This is one of three illustrations that were commissioned along with some scrolls for text to be placed on - this was for a full page, one of them
was just a very small spot illustration of Sybil on her horse and the other was about a third of a page and shows the gathering of the militiamen which I'll probably be posting something on next.

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