Monday, October 02, 2006

Militiamen Gathering - Part 4

Here's the final all coloured up (I kept within the lines and everything). This was for a client in the US, the publication is produced for schoolchildren and I was asked not to include too many pitchforks for fear of satanic connotations which seemed a little extreme to a Brit like me - bit of a shame as pitchforks do appear to be a more useful and deadly weapon than a spade or hoe.

Not that I'm an expert on such matters.


Tiburcio said...

Hi Faz.
This is a nice Historic illu, it is historic, is it?
I put a link in my name to my page whith a historic illustration too, of 1889 in the end of the Emperor in Brazil.

Faz Choudhury said...

Hi Tiburcio,

Yes, it's an historic illustration depicting a scene from the Revolutionary War in America. I see you had to draw soldiers and horses along with a big perspective shot, I think I was lucky and didn't need to draw any horses for this one!

Robert Yates said...

Love this. It's excellent!