Friday, December 07, 2007

Up to

Hello? Anybody there? Ah, thank God, the lights are still working. The questioning name of this blog has never been more appropriate seeing as how there's been nothing to read or look at for such a long time. Like so many people I've gotten lazy about posting to my blog, I've just been getting on with life and work and all that other stuff that gets in the way of being on the internet forever and ever.

Much as I'd like to, I can't really talk about what I've been working on recently for fear of having my ice-cream privileges taken away and my toes being gnawed on by starved for a week slugs. Dave Shelton has been working like, well...a dog on this project and I've been colouring it, hopefully not like a dog - what with them being partially colour blind and all - it's true, I removed a dog's eyes and held them up in front of my own and everything was red. If we were to divulge any more information on the top secret project just yet, national security would be compromised, society would plunge into
apocalyptical chaos and, worst of all, house prices might drop.

Visit Dave's blog for a very brief taster. You'll find that Dave can't talk about it much either, for fear of eternal damnation (or a severe ticking off) but at least there's a picture to look at.

I'm not going to make any insane and rash promises of posting more regularly, like once a year or an equally similar unyielding and punishing schedule, but I shall endeavour, nay...think about (in an absent-minded, dreamy and wistful sort of way) posting more often, once things have gotten a bit less intense on the deadline front.

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