Thursday, February 19, 2009

I had to...

I'm a little bit late in mentioning this but my latest contribution to Huzzah!! is up. It's been a huge amount of fun doing these but that doesn't mean to say I'm not daunted by the setting, it's not the kind of thing I'm used to drawing. And that's all the more reason to take part, being pushed out of whatever comfort zone I may have!

I'm also taking Huzzah!! as an opportunity to experiment with and learn how to use Manga Studio, the first piece was all done in Manga Studio, or at least as far as I can recall. The second was all Manga Studio apart from colour which was done in Photoshop as I was pushed for time and there were a couple of things that I wasn't sure I could do or didn't know how to do with Manga Studio but I knew I could definitely do them in Photoshop. I think there's never going to be a one-stop shop for comics, in terms of software, there's always something one program can do that another can't.

Here's a rough for the first plate I did, this one came together in an ad hoc manner, I had a rough thumnbnail layout that I scanned in, then I added elements and then I changed my mind ooh, about a few hundred times and eventually, found the final picture, probably not the best way of going about things. Click all images to enlargificate:

The finished plate:

This is the second plate, I worked this one out more solidly than the first so I didn't spend so much time 'finding' the drawing. I had to work in a 'what are you doing here' at some point, and this seemed like the perfect time! And a double one too, bonus!

I can't wait to see what paulhd does next! To see it all in context, visit Huzzah!!


Dave Shelton said...

Ooh, now, what was your method for getting the dusty earth all textured like that? That's right nice is that.

Faz Choudhury said...

Ta, Dave. I'm not experienced with textural things at all, I just messed about in Photoshop. My aim was to try and emulate what Ian, Paul, Rob & Colin had already done before.

The dusty earth was first filled with what would be a midtone, I think. I found an earth texture that I stretched about so that it looked sort of right and I was happy with it, and put that in a separate layer over the top. I then Unsharp Masked it and set it to Multiply at 20% opacity.

Next, I duplicated that layer, played with the different modes and settled for Lighter Colour mode at an opacity of about 10%.

Then, on a new layer, I painted over the earth with the lighter orangey colour using one of the default Photoshop brushes - Hard Pastel on Canvas - with some scattering and spacing adjustments along the way.

I'm not very keen on the highly textured colour work in a lot of mainstream comics these days, some people do it well or come up with inventive methods, Matt Brooker and Stickleback for instance, but I often find it distracting and it fights with or swamps the drawing. I tried to keep it subtle but wasn't entirely sure if it worked well or not.

Phew! Funny how you can take so long to explain a process that really didn't take very much time at all, it was all done in a bit of a rush as I was up against the clock.

Thanks for asking, I probably should have talked about this in the post itself but I felt that there are people out there who do the textural thing far better than I ever could!

Anonymous said...

just found this blog, faz, and had a good old mosey around...great stuff -- enjoyed your workings on 'dead pets', and this spacey stuff here is gorgeous.
consider yourself bookmarked!

Faz Choudhury said...

Hi Will, lovely of you to drop by and thank you!