Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Draw Serge!

Lovely man and top illustrator, Jonathan Edwards has set up a blog called 'Draw Serge!', so I did.

I think he came out looking more like Johnny Cash than Serge, oh well. I grabbed a few pics from the internet for reference, one of them had him standing atop a church or cathedral with a gargoyle or two behind him which seemed so appropriate that I nicked the idea. That's a 500 franc note he's lighting his cigarette with, he famously burned one on a TV show as some sort of protest against high taxation. Whilst looking for pics I found he had a much-loved dog called 'Nana' who looked so lovely I had to include her as well.

Do visit the Draw Serge! site and check out all the other fine contributions from the likes of fellow Huzzah contributor, Rob Davis, the wonderful Simon Gane and many others. And, if you're an artist, why not jump in and contribute a Serge!

1 comment:

Simon said...

Kudos in going the extra yard and drawing a cool Parisian background, Faz! Really like the colour scheme and lighting in this.