Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dead Pets Pencils - Page 3

Here's the next page of pencils along with the inks, pencils are a lot rougher than the first two, I think I was winging it a bit with this one, there might have been a more tightly penciled version but if there is I can't find it. I don't why I drew Godfrey the dog in front of the cross on panel 3, it's messy.


You can see in the inked version I got rid of him for clarity's sake. The last panel changed a bit, I was never truly happy with the drawing of Sam, the boy, in that panel. I was right not to be happy, the final version of him scarpering is better, at least I think it is, but it still bothers me. I turned Frazzle, the cat, so that he has his back to us, and decided to have all the characters in silhouette, it probably made more sense to have them looking at Sam and made his running away a focal point.


Simon said...

These pencils are lovely, Faz - already knew the inks were too, of course - and it's inspiring to learn about some of the problem-solving behind them.

Faz Choudhury said...

Thanks Simon, and thank you for commenting, that's my first one in an age. As I haven't been blogging for a long while it's very much appreciated.

Posting these pencils seemed like an simple and orderly way to get going again. I do feel a bit lazy seeing as it's been about a year (or more) since they were drawn. Hopefully I'll get some more recent work from these educational books up on the blog too.

Simon said...

I don't think the fact the pages were drawn a while back matters, especially as you take the time to give enjoyable insights into them.

I kind of have a similar problem in that I can't really post much from the book I'm currently drawing, thus blogging gets neglected and also ends up being somewhat unrepresentative.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing more of these!