Thursday, February 09, 2006

Been busy...

I've been a bit busy trying to build my own website, not knowing anything about how these things are done has made it slow going. Ah well, it's all learning which can't be bad but it can be very frustrating. It's something I've been meaning to do for ages, having an online portfolio and presence is quite important for a commercial artist these days and it's about time I sorted it out. Starting up the blogging again has spurred me on to get cracking with it even if it has made posts to the blog less forthcoming.

Here's a picture of a pirate, it was a tryout piece for getting work on the Horrible Histories Collection and was the very first thing I did in the Martin Brown style. Martin Brown being the illustrator of nearly all of the Horrible Histories books and the artist who's style had to be emulated by all the artists working on the magazine. The pistol the pirate is holding looks too large and there's all sorts of things about it that seem a bit off but I guess it was okay enough to get me some work in the end. It was my good friend and partner in inky crime, Dave Shelton, that put me in touch with the esteemed Nick Abadzis who was a consultant for Eaglemoss on the Horrible Histories collection, I'd like to say thanks to both of them for without their help I might not have got the opportunity to work on the magazine.

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